What is Chenille Kit?

Chenille Kit is a collection of modules with sophisticated components, services and utils based on Tapestry's IOC but NOT only for Tapestry Framework based servlet applications.

The Modules

At the moment there exists some modules like:

module description
Core core utils we need for some of the following modules
Access library which provide access restriction constraints to Tapestry 5 web application
Google Google based services like geocoding, distance, etc
Hibernate some util classes and services to simplify the life with Hibernate
Hivemind a bridge from/to Apache's HiveMind to Apache's Tapestry5
Image a simple image scaling service
LDAP simple search service against a LDAP server
Lucene indexer and sercher service based on Apache's Lucene's fulltext engine.
Mail simple mail service based on Apache's Commons Email
Quartz Quartz based scheduler services
Reports Jasperreports based reporting services
Scripting scripting service based on Apache's Bean Scripting Framework
Tapestry collection of components and services for your Apache's Tapestry5 Framework based applications
Template Apache's Velocity and FreeMarker based template services